I Am The Best


2 Hr 30 Minutes

Summary : Once In A Lifetime… With Tons Of Zing And Zest Comes A Reality Show… That’s Better Than All The Res. Don’t Take Our Word For It… You Can Put Us To The Test, Come Revel In The Magic

Written & Directed By : Paritosh Painter

Lead Cast : paritosh painter, jayesh thakkar, pooja ghai & shreyas talpade (as host)


Once In A Lifetime… With Tons Of Zing And Zest Comes A Reality Show… That’s Better Than All The Res. Don’t Take Our Word For It… You Can Put Us To The Test, Come Revel In The Magic Of… ‘I AM THE BEST!!!!’ I AM THE BEST – A New Reality Show That Will Make Your Pulses Race Faster Than A Maid From Shiney Ahuja And Your Hearts Boom Louder Than Prithviraj Kapoor On Steroids! As The Show Host Puts It “You Know, There Is Only One Love That Binds All Us Indians Together,That Is Hindus,Muslims,Sikhs,Christians,Parsees,North Indians,South Indians Everybody Bound By One Love – And That Is The Love For – Publicity! And Reality Shows Give You Just That Publicity! And There Can Be No Greater Platform To Stamp One’s Class To Elevate One’s Arse And Climb The Pedestal Of Publicity Than– By Winning This Mother-Father Of All Reality Shows - ‘I Am The Best!’ So It’s Show Time... There Are Two Participants For The Show… Aditya And Manav - They Are Introduced In The House By The Show Host. In “I AM THE BEST”,

Two Participants Have Been Selected After Rigourous And Vigourous Auditions Held Across The Country. The Lucky Two Have To Stay With Each Other For 30 Days And Contest Hotly, Madly And Gladly Against Each Other. They Will Be Thrown Challenges In Their Field Of Expertise - MAGIC. The Show Host Will Be Give Them Tough Rules To Live By. And The One Who Not Only Performs The Best. But Also Keeps His Nerve Till The End Will Be Declared The Winner And Get The Title Of ‘I AM THE BEST’ And A Prize Money Worth 1 Crore! Sounds Fantastic, Doesn’t It? But Boy, Will Aditya & Manav Have To Earn It! The Host Has Such Deadly Tasks In Store For Them And Devised Such Crazy Rules To Live By That By The End The Winner Will Deserve Every Rupee That He Wins. But The Big Daddy Of All Twists! The Host Reveals That Aditya And Manav Are Not Strangers! In Fact They Knew Each Other Really Well. They Once Even Ran A Business Together, A Magic Act Business. They Called Themselves ‘Spell Mates’ And Were Quite Successful Actually! Unfortunately During One Of Their Performances Tragedy Struck! There Was A Major Accident During One Of Their Acts And Then It Was Like A Nuclear Bomb That Ripped Through Their Friendship! In Fact They Not Only Split Up But They Became Sworn Enemies.

Sachin Tendulkar & Vinod Kambli Became Ganguly & Chappel. Jai & Veeru Became Gabbar & Thakur. In Fact, Obama And Osama Are Bumchums Compared To Aditya & Manav.That’s How Much They Hate Each Other Now. And That’s The Beauty Of This Show. Aditya & Manav Are Not Aware That Not Only Do They Have To Compete Against Each Other But Also They Have To Live In This House In Harmony Without Breaking The Rules Or Each Other - For 30 Whole Days To Win The Title The Money,The Contract Everything! Further Complications Arise When The Host Introduces Karishma Another Magician Who Has To Help Aditya & Manav In Their Final Act. But She Can’t Help Both Just One Of Them. The Host Tells Aditya & Manav That Both Of Them Will Have To Woo The Girl And Impress Her. And The Girl Will Assist The Person Who Impresses Her The Most. From Here On The Permutations Become So Intricate That It Seems Impossible That Aditya & Manav Can Ever Sort Them Out. “Love, Friendship And Magic Have A Great Deal In Common.

They Enrich The Soul, Delight The Heart. And They All Take A Lot Of Patience & Practice.”... So What Will Happen Now - Will They Be Friends Again Or Their Friendship Is Just An Illusion Like Their Magic Is - Or Is It For Real… As An Pulsating Climax Takes Place To Decide Who’s The Winner... Aditya, Manav, Or Their Friendship... Find It All In “I AM THE BEST”...A Magical Comedy. Every Twist The Host Brings In Is Hilarious & Every Turn The Host Gives The Show Is Entertaining - Until The Stunning Climax That Will Keep The Audience Guessing And Hanging Onto The Edges. A Play With Amazing Illusions, Finesse, Great Humour And Well-Defined Characters That Will Make You Bite Your Teeth And Roar With Laughter At The Same Time.


  • Written & Directed By: paritosh painter
  • Produced by: paritosh painter
  • Dialogues: ashish ranade
  • Media Consultant: parag desai
  • Publicity By: deepak somaiya (theatrix advertising)
  • Sets: ashish ranade
  • Music Operated By: jayesh garach
  • Sound & Lights: sanjay nagolkar