i do, i don”t!!


2 Hr 30 Minutes

Summary : The Play Is Based On An Age-Old Saying Which Is Altered To Relate To The Present Scenario “Marriages Are Made In Heaven & Broken On Earth”. I Do, I Don’t

Written & Directed By : dinyar contractor / jayesh thakkar

Produced By : paritosh painter

Lead Cast : paritosh painter, tanaaz irani, delnaaz irani, farhan khan & dinyar contractor


The Play Is Based On An Age-Old Saying Which Is Altered To Relate To The Present Scenario “Marriages Are Made In Heaven & Broken On Earth”. I Do, I Don’t – Is A Fast Moving Romantic Comedy Of Two Couples Karan/Devika (Farhaan/Tanaaz) & Vishnu/Tina (Paritosh/Delnaaz).It Takes Alight-Hearted Look At Marriage & Married Life. When Karan- A Typical Indian Flirtatious Male Finds Out That Tina His Ex-Girlfriend Has Moved In The Flat Next Door Along With Her Husband Vishnu Who Has A Job In Dubai. Karan Wastes No Time To Get Tina’s Sympathy By Telling Her How Fed Up He Is With His Wife Devika & How Impossible It’s Becoming To Stay With Her. Tina Suggests That If Karan Is So Frustrated With Devika, He Should Divorce Her & She Will Be Happy To Give Karan All The Support He Needs – Karan Accepts The Suggestion. Devika Is Upset When She Is Told About Karan’s Plans By The Neighborhoods Household Help Pedro(Dinyar Contractor). But When Devika Meets Vishnu Who Turns Out To Be Her Ex-Boyfriend She Breaks Down Before Him And Tells Vishnu How Useless & Irresponsible Her Husband Karan Is Vishnu Feels That Such A Sweet Girl Like Devika Shouldn’t Suffer In The Hands Of Her Irresponsible & Non Caring Husband Of Hers. Vishnu Suggests Devika That Instead Of Going Through This Life Long Trauma She Should Divorce Karan & He Will Be More Than Happy To Lend Her All The Support She Require During These Difficult Times – Devika Accepts The Suggestion.

But The Story Takes A Twist When Due To Misunderstanding Between Vishnu & Tina – They Too Decide To Get Divorced And Plan To Get Married To Their Ex-Friends After Their Respective Divorces Are Through. Both The Couples Approach Advocate Jhatka (Dinyar Contractor) To Get The Necessary Formalities Done. Advocate Jhatka Is Amused By The Uniqueness Of The Case. He Suggests An Interim & Remedial Measure Till The Time The Divorce Comes Through. And The Measure Is – During The Day Karan Stays With Tina & Vice Versa But When The Night Falls The Couples Should Come Back To Their Respective Houses. As They Say “They Never Knew What Real Happiness Was Until They Got Married; But Then It Was Too Late”. Are The Couple Ready For It? Do They Really Get Along With Their “Long Lost Love”? Do Marriages Have A Happy Ending? To Find Answers To This Question Watch This Very Witty-Cleverly Constructed, Romantic-Musical-Comedy, With Sparklingly Highly-Original Music Score- I Do, I Don’t.


  • Written & Directed By: dinyar contractor & paritosh painter
  • Produced by: paritosh painter
  • Music by: monty sharma
  • Media Consultant: parag desai
  • Publicity By: deepak somaiya (theatrix advertising)
  • Sets: chhel-paresh
  • Music Operated By: jayesh garach
  • Sound & Lights: sanjay nagolkar