See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil


2 Hr 30 Minutes

Summary : A Man Is Murdered. Three People Witness It. A Blind Girl Who Hears The Killer, A Deaf Guy Who Sees Him And Dumb Guy Who Hears Him.

Written & Directed By : Paritosh Painter

Lead Cast : paritosh painter, delnaaz irani barkha bisht sengupta, kishwer merchant, balvinder singh suri, nasir khan, jayesh thakkar, vishal kotian & ashiesh roy.


A Man Is Murdered. Three People Witness It. A Blind Girl Who Hears The Killer, A Deaf Guy Who Sees Him And Dumb Guy Who Hears Him. The Police Dont Think They are Credible Witnesses, But The Killers. And The Actual Killers Dont Want To Take Any Chances. The Trio Must Now Work Together To Save Themselves From The Police And The Killers And Bring The Killers To Justice. Set In A Lavish Hotel Golden Sands In Goa Owned By The Cute & Lovable Esha Singhania (Blind – Barkha Bisht Sengupta), But Which Is Managed By Her Suave, Elegant & Caring Step Sister Tanya Singhania (Delnaaz Irani) And Her Forgetful Business Manager Mr.Singh (Ballu) & The Lazy Ms.Rozy (Kishwer Merchant). Business Is Great And All Is Well. But As They Say Everything Cant Be Rosy Forever…Aditya (Deaf – Paritosh) And Manav (Dumb – Jayesh) Check In The Hotel And From Thereon Starts A Roller Coaster Ride Of Fun, Laughter And Entertainment.

In Between All This A Fatal Murder Plan Is Being Hatched Unknown To All Our Characters And Then Very Well Executed In The Presence Of Esha, Aditya & Manav. The Police (Ashish Roy) Suspect The Trio To Be The Killers; While The Actual Killers Look At Them As Credible Witnesses. The Indescribable Confusion That Follows Builds In To A Rich Complexity Of Splendid Farcical Situations And A Climax Of Comic Wizardry. From Here On The Permutations Become So Intricate That It Seems Impossible That The Threesome Can Ever Sort Them Out. But Miraculously They Do, So Hilariously That The Audience Will Keep Rolling With Laughter Till The Play Ends. Performance By Barkha Bisht Sengupta As The Blind Girl, Delnaaz Irani As The Stepsister & Kishwer Merchant As The Secretary Are Worth Checking Out And Also Who Provide Great Eye Candies Too.

Needless To Say, Paritosh Painter (Deaf), Jayesh Thakkar (Dumb), Balvinder Singh Suri (Hotel Manager) & Ashish Roy (Who Plays Multiple Roles – Brother & Inspector) Are All Wonderful Talents With An Irreplaceable Chemistry, And That Chemistry Is Utilized Very Well Throughout. Also Nasir Khan Adds His Touch Of Class. Of Course, The Brilliantly Original Premise Helps As Well. A Blind Girl, A Deaf Guy And A Dumb Guy, Who Pair Up To Solve A Murder? Sure To Be Classic! The Play Stars Paritosh Painter, Delnaaz Irani Barkha Bisht Sengupta, Kishwer Merchant, Balvinder Singh Suri, Nasir Khan, Jayesh Thakkar, & Ashiesh Roy. “SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL, SPEAK NO EVIL, DO NO EVIL” Has A Fast, Funny, Thrilling Plot, Which Makes This Rip-Roaring Comedy Easy & Enjoyable For The Entire Family.


  • Produced by: Paritosh Painter
  • Co-Produced By : Shantaram Manavne
  • Music by: Kashyap Sompura
  • Media Consultant: parag desai
  • Publicity By: deepak somaiya (theatrix advertising)
  • Music Operated By: mohit sajnaney / kunal ravrani
  • Sound & Lights: sanjay nagolkar